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With the advent of massive communication technology, and the availability of such technology, literature has had the ability to take on the next millennium. But with such impressive changes *and more to come most certainly* the art form that is literature has basic rules…particular guidelines that need to be followed throughout. This “new media” is capable of bombarding our senses, where we as readers are no longer such ; we become players, listeners, thinkers, writers, and in the near future tasters. The book as an art form will forever remain as a facet of our human technology, but it is through this new media, specially during the 1990’s, that the pages of the book started to blur. Through this blurring the page became a screen, and we as readers became actors.

Italo Calvino wrote Six Memos for the Next Millennium but unfortunately for him and the readers, he was only able to write five of them due to his untimely death in 1985. The memo’s however, characterize the guidelines that nearly all works of literature incorporate, whether the author is conscious of the choices or not. These memo’s are nurturing to literature and are as follows: Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, and Multiplicity.  This website will try to delve into what Calvino spoke of and attempt to discover through the course of exploration, the true essence that makes literature literature.

This blog will *to the best of my ability since css is uneditable* try to reflect my personal taste in themes, not only on the general aesthetic. My view on life is unique. I tend to visualize things as fantasy, worlds like spaceship battles or epic dragon fights. It is for this reason I feel the general theme of “spaceship” or more specifically the one from “Event Horizon” was chosen.

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